A team formed by professional engineers and architects experienced in regions from East Europe to West Asia. The total area of residential, public, and industrial construction projects is more than 1 500.000 m2. Unique concepts allow you to achieve all the goals and harmoniously integrate into the environment. Modern technologies significantly speed up the work process and simplify the future logistics of materials for the client.
Architecture and Design Studio Standard
A new level of development
Experience. Speed. Technology. Our High Standard.
Leading specialists
Vasyl Shulyk
Oleksiy Galchenko
Yuri Krasnokutsky
Natalia Yuhimenko
Anna Mycyk
Alexander Ryabko
professor, doctor of architecture
Work experience - 30 years
Executive Architect, Work experience: 15 years
Executive engineer, Work Experience: 31 years
Senior Architect, work experience: 17 years
Administrative of Designer Department, Work experience 15 years
3D Visualiser, Work experience 10 years
Olga Paltsun
Anastasia Kovalenko
Adelina Ilkevich
Yaroslav Ulinec
Natalia Valenko
Daria Fedorova
Ekaterina Burakova
Alena Logvina
Alexei Grubnik
Valeriy Trynko
Ruslan Titika
Alexander Blazhko
Senior Engineer, Work experience: 6 years
Designer, 3D Visualiser, work experience: 4 years
Architect, Work experience: 11 years
Architect, work experience 8 years
Senior Engineer, Work Experience 18 years
Designer, Work experience: 3 years
Senior engineer, Work experience 17 years
Architect, work experience: 7 years
Senior engineer, Work experience 18 years
Senior Architect, work experience: 2 years
Architect, work experience: 12 years
Senior engineer, work experience: 10 years
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